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for cherie

i met up with c for lunch the other day. and coz m was busy the last few nights putting together a photo montage for a friend’s wedding i had some time on my hands… so i decided to do something for c. 🙂 

anyway she wanted a toy so… here it is!

for cherie

heh… the eyes were not meant to be that… but i got lazy with the eyes and i had some spare big eyes.. and the eyes reminded me of c. 🙂 so it was perfect! haha.


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till next time :)

one of my dear colleagues left the company a couple of weeks back to find out what else is there in store for her out there. this line wasn’t what she was looking for and she plucked up the courage to leave and let God lead. 🙂 to me that’s a brave step to take. a step which i’m not even sure if i would even think about. 😛 anyway, i hope she does find what she was looking for and be absolutely happy doing it. where ever she is i’m sure she’d be a blessing to others around her as she has been to me and our other colleagues. 🙂 I’m glad that God has allowed me to find a friend in my colleague. 🙂 till next time my friend. as a token to show that she’d be missed… i managed to try my hand at the felt pouches again. she liked the motif the moment she saw the toys and the pattern in the book when i first bought it. i would have made her a toy but sadly i didn’t plan my time well. anyway here it is. 🙂 

hw miffy

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last post for the weekend.

V just celebrated her bday this weekend and M was there to celebrate with some of their friends. i had gotten my hands on the latest pattern book from Aranzi Aronzo so i decided to do something for V. A purple coin pouch (her fav. colour) with a panda in front! 🙂 all with felt… but the only thing is that .. there’s a zipper! a friend warned that working with zippers can be a bit tricky… so be careful! of course, i just went ahead with it… not knowing the ‘dangers’. Here are the parts and u can see a bit of the instructions page in the corner (i love how the instructions are done… 🙂 ) 

Panda in the making

and here it is! 


You can hardly see it but the corners are not done well as the zipper was tucked in at the ends. i realised that the pattern was just nice and didn’t really give allowance for the seams as the stitching was supposed to end after the ends of the zipper and not before… anyway, i was generally pleased with it coz i sewed the zipper on by hand! 🙂 heh. i was just too lazy to figure out the sewing machine when i got home. 😛 

i’ll try to tweak the pattern a bit and hopefully the 2nd pouch will turn out better. 🙂 

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Introducing Munky

YL’s bday was in April.. however as it was lazy april for me i didn’t get a chance to work on her bday present till a couple of weeks back. It’s the month of firsts for me – first opera cake… and now first softie! 🙂 

Since YL is blurmonkey, i made her a Munky from Aranzi Aronzo’s Cute Dolls.

all over one night… but i had fun! 🙂 Happy belated Bday YL! 🙂 


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