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TWD – Granola Grabbers!


This week’s TWD was Granola Grabbers chosen by Michelle of Bad Girl Baking. I thought i would skip it coz i didn’t have the time to buy granolas etc… (and yes i procrastinated till the last day!) so my earlier post was me giving up. HOWEVER! i happened to have a day of rest today – yes still not feeling great and boss was so nice to offer to let me stay home to rest properly (coz there’s no one in the office anyway) and all i cld think of when i woke up this morning was… should i bake something. what should i bake…. hmmm… and while looking through all the posts from the other TWD-ers… i’ve decided to get out of bed and buy granola so that i can finish this week’s TWD!!! what else cld make me feel better other than baking! 🙂 heh. so i took the opportunity to have lunch with a friend who lives close to the supermart… and i got myself granola & mixed nuts. I was lucky to find dried mixed berries in the fridge too! 🙂 i made some tweaks to the original recipe. first i halved the recipe and i am not crazy over coconut and wheat germ… so out they went. i just included a whole lot of mixed nuts and dried berries. 🙂 oh! and a dash of cinnamon gave the right amount of aroma and flavour (i was going for a similar taste u get from an oatmeal raisin cookie. ) 🙂 and yes. it is delicious! 🙂 here are some pics of what is left after dinner (the jar was almost full btw. 🙂 

and of coz… the 2 dogs just waiting for some crumbs to drop from the table. 🙂 apparently the young one got distracted by the camera. heh. 

so yay! i actually completed TWD this week! 🙂 better late than never eh? 🙂


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TWD – Rewind!

Pecan Honey Sticky Buns 

That’s my choice for this week’s TWD! 🙂 just because that was the very recipe that caught my attention in the first place. 🙂 and boy was it yumms!

i’d probably would want to add a dash of cinnamon to the glaze… or maybe use a different honey and cut the sugar… but overall it was yummy! i made 2 trays of 9 buns and in one sitting 6 buns were gone…. all in 3 stomachs. 😛

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Daring Bakers: Filbert Gateau

better late than never right? july was a crazy month. there was something to do every other weekend which didn’t involve baking and well, here’s the completed cake anyway. 🙂 will post more later! 

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chocolate pudding!


Melissa from Its Melissas Kitchen picked chocolate pudding for this week’s TWD! 🙂

all i can say is that it smells good… whatever got on my fingers tasted good. it’s now in the fridge. i’ll let you know how it is tomorrow! till then. 🙂 

and it’s yummy! 🙂 it’s not really really pudding like but it’s yummy especially after there’s baileys in it and crushed ginger snaps topping. 🙂 yay! 

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TWD! – updated

yay! it’s done and it’s real yummy! this is really a keeper! my first pie dough too! 🙂 i definitely didn’t use a food processor… maybe that’s why my dough turned out weird. but it was so yummy i went to use the rest of the dough for another 2 more mini pies (i only tried half the recipe… the family can’t keep up with the baking) anyway here are some pictures. i didn’t manage to take much coz i was so tired last night to really document the process. 



from last night… 


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Danish Braid

daring baker\'s june challenge

It’s time for the Daring Baker’s Challenge again! 🙂 

Kelly of Sass & Veracity, and Ben of What’s Cookin’? were the hosts for this month’s DB’s Challenge and they chose “Danish Braid” from Sherry Yard’s The Secrets of Baking… 🙂 when i first saw the challenge i was hesitant about it… the technique was ‘Making and working with yeasted laminated dough’ which i have no clue how and what and when….  so i let the idea sink in… and later i got slightly excited about it. and reading through the steps, this was not something which i cld pull off in a night so i got started as soon as i cld. i planned out different fillings, read up about danish pastry and finally thought i was ready to give it a go… not knowing that it’d be a total of 3 tries

Try #1 – The weekend i chose to bake was father’s day weekend and my mum was also occupying the kitchen preparing dinner for the family. so she made a carrot cake and i realised halfway through that i did have enough flour…. tried to substitute and that went horribly. so one batch straight to the trash bin.

Try #2 – got enough of every ingredient… everything went well until the lamination stage…. butter stayed runny, it got so gooey and kept oozing out. at the end of the struggle with the dough i was resigned to a big ball of butter-covered dough. it was late at night was too tired, stuck it in the fridge and went to sleep it off.

Try #3 – went to read some of the experiences of other DB and got some tips to help the situation. went to put every thing in the fridge and not let it wait out (room temperature is quite warm here, even at night with the fan blowing at ya… that’s how i made my butter dough) so i knew i cldn’t do the full lamination process coz the butter melted still, i just had to keep it as close as the technique as possible. there were some spillage of butter… but overall i think i cld start with assembling. did the filling, did my braid. in the waiting in between i manage to take out the buttery ball of dough which was sitting in the fridge… i rolled out half the dough and started making danish ‘pastry’. some of it really looked like the real thing… heh… but when it was done, it definitely did not taste like it. 😛 i’ll probably post it another time. 

Anyway, after all that… the challenge was completed and i went to sleep a happy girl. 🙂 here’s a few pics of the process… 🙂 

danish braid


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korova cookies

korova cookies

so here it is. i like it. 🙂 yay. 🙂 good start to the weekend. 🙂 


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