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M’s bday was some time earlier this month and since i took some time off work, i had time to bake! 🙂 so i decided to do a favourite of his – oreo cheese cake and topped it with another favourite – strawberries! the supermarket had really big and nice ones on sale so it was perfect! I glazed it with ice wine jam but it didn’t set properly…. it was yummy nonetheless! 

cheesecake with strawberries

Here’s a step-by-step of how his bday cake was made. 🙂 i had a very curious helper that afternoon too! 🙂 

step by step cheesecake

separate cookies from cream :: crush till crumbs :: get some help! 😉 :: filling :: line the pans with base :: fill pans and put it in a ban marie :: cool after baking :: top with strawberries and let it set in the fridge :: 


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