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carrot cake

yummy yum yum yum! i managed to take a quick shot of the completed cake before i packed it to MS’s place for the baby shower. and boy did we have fun there. 🙂 MS was a great host, she catered food, prepared games AND prizes (which i was lucky enough to get 3 of them 🙂 ). i had a great very first baby shower!! 🙂 heee and they managed to finish a good 2/3rds of the cake which was quite impressive as everyone had so much food and some of them even left. 

i brought the cake to dinner and M’s friends kindly finished it off for me. 🙂 happy me is. 🙂 great reviews for the cake and i’m pretty pleased with the results. 🙂 it’s a recipe to keep… if i can remember what i did this morning (it was really going by how it looked etc.) but i’ll put the recipe up  soon. 🙂 



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Danish Braid

daring baker\'s june challenge

It’s time for the Daring Baker’s Challenge again! 🙂 

Kelly of Sass & Veracity, and Ben of What’s Cookin’? were the hosts for this month’s DB’s Challenge and they chose “Danish Braid” from Sherry Yard’s The Secrets of Baking… 🙂 when i first saw the challenge i was hesitant about it… the technique was ‘Making and working with yeasted laminated dough’ which i have no clue how and what and when….  so i let the idea sink in… and later i got slightly excited about it. and reading through the steps, this was not something which i cld pull off in a night so i got started as soon as i cld. i planned out different fillings, read up about danish pastry and finally thought i was ready to give it a go… not knowing that it’d be a total of 3 tries

Try #1 – The weekend i chose to bake was father’s day weekend and my mum was also occupying the kitchen preparing dinner for the family. so she made a carrot cake and i realised halfway through that i did have enough flour…. tried to substitute and that went horribly. so one batch straight to the trash bin.

Try #2 – got enough of every ingredient… everything went well until the lamination stage…. butter stayed runny, it got so gooey and kept oozing out. at the end of the struggle with the dough i was resigned to a big ball of butter-covered dough. it was late at night was too tired, stuck it in the fridge and went to sleep it off.

Try #3 – went to read some of the experiences of other DB and got some tips to help the situation. went to put every thing in the fridge and not let it wait out (room temperature is quite warm here, even at night with the fan blowing at ya… that’s how i made my butter dough) so i knew i cldn’t do the full lamination process coz the butter melted still, i just had to keep it as close as the technique as possible. there were some spillage of butter… but overall i think i cld start with assembling. did the filling, did my braid. in the waiting in between i manage to take out the buttery ball of dough which was sitting in the fridge… i rolled out half the dough and started making danish ‘pastry’. some of it really looked like the real thing… heh… but when it was done, it definitely did not taste like it. 😛 i’ll probably post it another time. 

Anyway, after all that… the challenge was completed and i went to sleep a happy girl. 🙂 here’s a few pics of the process… 🙂 

danish braid


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chocolate chip cookies

even though i told myself to take it easy this weekend and just let it pass… i was restless on sunday afternoon and while the boy and pup was taking a snooze i went to the kitchen with the mission to bake something. 

i chose the all time favourite… 

stack of ccc


it turned out ok. not great but ok. the texture wasn’t consistent.. then again maybe i wasn’t consistent cooling every tray of cookies. i’m not sure if it needed more salt… but it was edible anyway. 🙂 and it’s good with coffee 🙂

Anyway, here’s the recipe – condensed version

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M’s bday was some time earlier this month and since i took some time off work, i had time to bake! 🙂 so i decided to do a favourite of his – oreo cheese cake and topped it with another favourite – strawberries! the supermarket had really big and nice ones on sale so it was perfect! I glazed it with ice wine jam but it didn’t set properly…. it was yummy nonetheless! 

cheesecake with strawberries

Here’s a step-by-step of how his bday cake was made. 🙂 i had a very curious helper that afternoon too! 🙂 

step by step cheesecake

separate cookies from cream :: crush till crumbs :: get some help! 😉 :: filling :: line the pans with base :: fill pans and put it in a ban marie :: cool after baking :: top with strawberries and let it set in the fridge :: 

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